FloatSpace is a Health Spa in Long Beach, CA

FloatSpace is a health spa in Long Beach, CA providing patients with pain relief, relaxation, and the restoration of balance. Our float center features a warm and welcoming environment, with gentle music, soft lighting, and a sensory deprivation tank. Whether you are suffering from back & neck pain, poor sleep, or simply need to unwind & relax, then our float therapy is the best option for you. Our isolation tank is heated to body temperature and saturated with Epsom salt to create an ideal environment for mindful meditation.

Our team is dedicated to helping guide you through a higher state of cognitive awareness and muscle relaxation. First-time floaters will receive a $15 discount on the normal $65 price and our memberships packages are:

  • 2 Floats per Month: $120
  • 4 floats per Month: $220
  • Unlimited Floats a Month: $399

Experience an ultimate sense of calm that will allow the body & mind to unplug from reality and reconnect with your inner-self. Have that much-needed me-time and feel renewed and refreshed. Experience that after-float glow and enjoy the many benefits floating has to offer! For more information on our float therapy and sports therapy sessions, please contact FloatSpace today!

What Makes Us Proud
  • Excellent Customer Experience
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Quality Health Services Offered
Locations Served
  • Long Beach, CA