paloma usquiano
FloatSpace is the best as it gets! I have previously floated in tanks that are egged shaped and it caused me to feel claustrophobic but here their tanks are HUGE and made me feel a lot more comfortable. The atmosphere is so clean and peaceful. It made my experience so enjoyable! The customer service is a 10/10. Very nice and welcoming employees. I cannot wait to come again! 10/10 RECOMMEND!
Sophia M.
This was my first float spa experience. I have chronic pain and felt great afterward. The customer service was fantastic. The spa itself was very nice. It was well maintained and clean, very relaxing, and rejuvenating. The pricing was reasonable for the services I received. Would definitely recommend this place!
Clara K․
Relax while you float in a sensory-free pool of water either with a dim color light or in the darkness, with music or in silence, it’s up to you. Good for skin, calm, relax, and heal your body. The place was clean so you can go with confidence to enjoy this kind of experience. The staff was very helpful and super friendly.
Lucas Podboj
FloatSpace is an excellent float lounge with amazing tanks. The service was very professional, upon entering I was asked if I have floated before and then was given step-by-step instructions on what to do. The process is rather simple for anyone to go in and do. Overall a great experience for those who want to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Clean place, great service, great tanks.
Alexis Brady
I love this place! Helps in lowering my anxiety and putting me in a peaceful mindset. This place is nice and well kept! Customer service is amazing and professional. It was very easy for me to book an appointment. Clean/well-maintained facility! When I walked in, it had amazing art and atmosphere in there. This will now be my go to float lounge! If you are hesitant or unsure of something don’t be scared to ask the employees! They are so nice and will answer all your questions! 10/10 recommend 🙂
Marvely I.
Like all of you reading this review, I have a busy life with little time to myself. This is definitely something everyone should incorporate into their daily lives. My friend recommended me to try floatspace and they exceeded my expectations. I came out feeling like a new person; rejuvenated, peaceful, free, and so relaxed. The atmosphere is very welcoming. Aslan and Kevin provided excellent customer service and they are very clean!! I will definitely sign up for the monthly membership. Thank you for the great experience!
Jeff A.
Great experience! I have a stressful job and my friend recommended me Float Space. Floatation therapy allowed me to completely decompress. The rest of my day was care-free. I would recommend this to anyone. Nice staff giving you the proper information and tips to enjoy your time as much as possible. Great job and once more thank you Float Space.